Fivefeetabove Productions is a Cinematography and Photography Media Production Company that has challenged the Wedding and Corporate industry to create change and recognize extraordinary art. Standing today with a staff of over 5 members, Fivefeetabove Productions is made up of highly talented filmmakers and skilled editors who’s work is cherished by people from around the globe. Fivefeetabove Productions has uniquely revolutionized the Filmmaking industry by introducing an all female staff service in an industry which is pre- dominantly ‘male’ to break boundaries and by providing religious and cultural accommodations when necessary.

Fivefeetabove Productions is more than just a compilation of some footage and a bit of colour grading - it is a representation of Storytelling! We want to tell YOUR story and celebrate the love and union of two energies coming together.

We gladly would like to ensure you that your wedding will capture not only your big day but the essence and beauty of the love of two souls coming together.


From a Vision to an Empire

Fivefeetabove Productions started with a growing passion to create storyboards, editing film pieces together and inspiring a growing audience in the year of August, 2013. Marwah Khan Izzeddin started Fivefeetabove Productions through her passion of storytelling with visionary art. It all started with her passion for creating YouTube videos on things that she loved and broke boundaries. “I just wanted to pick up the camera and film and edit anything and everything that came in my way.” Said Marwah Khan Izzeddin at the young age of 19. Soon enough, her growing passion for 1 the Arts became more than just a hobby when she decided to film her first International Fashion Festival, which was held in the heart of Downtown, Toronto. Later then, Marwah Khan Izzeddin began to do photoshoots for editorial covers, fashion magazines, bloggers and other influencers. She fell in love with her passion for filmmaking and storytelling. After receiving her first gig for a Wedding, she knew that this was her calling. Marwah Khan Izzeddin, was one of the first South Asian & Middle-Eastern female filmmakers to enter the industry and break the cultural taboo that women don’t belong in this industry. “It was a difficult ride. I remember my own family members telling me that women in this industry can’t have families or a stable home.” It was then that Marwah Khan Izzeddin realized that she will do anything and everything to break this norm and prove to the world that women are capable of becoming successful filmmakers.