Frequently Asked Questions

Does your studio provide photography & videography services?
Yes, we do both. We have a team of photographers and videographers that deliver the best work of each!

We can't really pose, will you help us or direct us?
Absolutely yes, posing and directing couples is what we do best!

Are you willing to travel? Will you photograph our destination wedding?
Yes, we have covered a few weddings in the United States and Jamaica.

Can we purchase the RAW photo/ video files?
Yes, unlike other production companies. But we don't think you will need it since we edit each and every file before delivering our work. If you are approved to recieve RAW files, we charge $900 CAD upon delivery for photo and video, and $500 CAD if it's only one of the services you need.

How long after the wedding do we receive our videos and photos?
Please allow 3 to 6 months for photos and videos to be delivered. As for photo albums, they can take from 1 to 2 weeks after you choose which photos to be in the album.

Your office location is not convient for us. Would you be able to mail our USB?
Yes, we can mail your USB with an additional fee of $50 CAD.

We need our full delivery within 2 to 4 weeks. Do you provide express delivery?
Yes, we can provide express deliveries within your deadline with an additional fee of $500 CAD.

Do you provide any changes or revision after you deliver the work to us?
Yes, we do provide a maximum of one revision upon delivery of work (for example: changing sound tracks, taking out a scene, cropping a scene, etc...) timestamps need to be provided and emailed to us for exact required changes. Please allow 1 to 2 weeks to recieve your revised delivery. If more than one revision is required you will need to accommodate $150 CAD/ event. Once the revision is ready you will need to bring back the original USB with you for us to transfer the revised work on it.